The Salt

by The Tailor

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Ryan M. Robson
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Ryan M. Robson God do I love sea themed music... Favorite track: Into the Night.
Vinyly Music
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Vinyly Music This music is like an expedition to wonderfull but myterious wetland landscapes.
Philippe Tremblay
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Philippe Tremblay it's "eclecticly" amazing. I don't think I've ever heard anything like it. Favorite track: Will You Follow.
theo posthumus
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theo posthumus This is one of my favourite albums period. Now...if only I could get it on vinyl. Favorite track: The Salt.
Dan Abel
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Dan Abel Somewhere between ska and antique beat, Belong Tonight just captures me and takes me somewhere delightfully odd. Favorite track: Belong Tonight.
ian christy
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ian christy Supple, soothing, and like Wooden Boombox, this collection of songs inspires the mind behind closed eyes. Simply beautiful. Favorite track: Will You Follow.
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Any problem there is, can be cured with Salt:
sweat, tears or the sea.

An Ocean folk tale,
a soundtrack to a forthcoming
short film.

The story of a dusty man
that leaves his home
to find a new world across the Sea.
His hero journey gets way-layed
when the elements take him under,
and he only can return home
after a long dance with the Siren Queen.. .. ..


released May 10, 2010

Tarran Gabriel
D.L. Frazer
Martin Riesle
Elliot Vaughan
Aiden Brant-Briscall
Nayana Filkow
Keenan O'Connor
Darryl Chonka
and Mica D.

songwriting with Eve ladyapples

produced and recorded
by Tarran

with a thousand thanks
to all of you for listening.

or something like that.




The Tailor Vancouver

crawling, biting, whispers.

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Track Name: Belong Tonight
oh. we belong tonight
we belong tonight
we belong to the night

Rabadiseah la

{ made up words that mean something to me }
Track Name: Honestly
it was my fault..
if i recall.
i rolled the dice
and lost it all

i called you twice
out in the cold
once for our child
once when were old

ill start again
the other shore
with just a seed
and nothing more
and when its grown
ill ask the sea

to bring us home.. .. .
Track Name: Will You Follow
if i go there will you follow
will you come that way with me
we'll go dancing with the sorrow
that we borrowed from the sea

if i stay there will be trouble
they'll come around looking for me
got to leave here on the double
if were going to be free
Track Name: Turn off All the Lights
baby .. turn off all the lights
Track Name: Into the Night
tonight we are ten thousand stories longing to be sung
tonight we are that secret on the tip of every tongue
tonight we are memory of moments that as yet don't exist
tonight's making an offer, neither of us can resist...
tonight we are the tears that fall between laughter and grief
tonight we are the stolen treasure, tonight we are the thief...
i'll grasp the rose out of your hand, and place it tween my teeth,
we'll stomp our shoes along the floor to dig out what's beneath...

dance with me another
on the last sliver of light
dance with me into the night

tonight we are a steeple as the bells begin to sound
tonight we are an ember bout to burn right through the ground
our skin's become a fire, and its spark our only name
we'll drink a toast with each caress, and feed it to the flame.
tonight will take us from a lower to the higher string,
tonight will cost us all we have, there will be a bargaining
well steal about that ship with all its brave sails unfurled
charge into that sunset and off the edge of the world..

dance with me another
on the last sliver of light
dance with me into the night.
Track Name: Brought Me Home
where did that sunday,
where done did that monday go?
got youre number meant to
call you on the telephone

something inside someone,
that makes him have to roam.
oh my mama darling
im so glad you brought me home

i maybe dont tell you
as many times as i could
ill get another chance my mama
knock on wood

if time is an ocean,
rollin where we all belong,
guess you are that ship thats
been carryin me all along
Track Name: Oh Sista
oh sistah..
i left behind
i see you there in your life
oh sistah youre made of sea
a darlin' a hope to me/be
oh sistah far from this place
theres only this trust of grace.
oh sistah you found a love
a dream of a place above.


oh sistah across the sea a darlin' a hope to me
oh sistah,
and your baby, came from you
gave it to be
oh sista moment in time
a bundle tied up with twine
oh sista when clocks unwind
we see whats there all the time.
Track Name: Skipping Stones
all my life i been a skipping stone
gotta get myself a personal loan
get me some hall i can call my own,
take you home with me.
me your papa, you're my crone
the ground will taste the roots that've grown
and when we're dead it'll hold our bones
and feed them to the sea.

things go slow after the're fast
pull this sail down from the mast
find a way to make this last
song to you from me
just one water many flasks
one askin' with a thousand masks
and whats the question, whats the task?
its written on the sea.

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